Talking Travel, And Why It’s Good For You

To travel is to make a journey, any kind of journey. It could be for work, a holiday, seeking adventure, volunteering or study. You could also be by yourself, with someone or a whole group! And it doesn’t matter how far either; even a weekend road trip is enough to see something new. Although travel can be expensive at times and demands some organization, here are some things to consider and why it’s worth it.

Airport sunset
Photograph by Anugrah Lohiya

Did you know it had many proven health benefits?


Ibiza island view
A beautiful Ibiza view certainly helps to take your mind off things. Es Vedrà, Ibiza by Riciardus

To give our mind a break and put our routines on pause, this is why most of us travel, to get away, to change things up. Yet, simply visiting somewhere new might be more beneficial than you would expect.

After a vacation, have you ever felt relaxed, energized and ready to challenge the world? Well as it turns out, that feeling is, in fact, decreased stress levels and increased happiness from traveling and this can last weeks after your return. No wonder traveling can be addictive.

There are also physical benefits, such as better immune system or lower risk of heart disease. This is only a fraction of the good stuff. Here is a complete list by, it will make you want to spin a globe right away!


New experiences make for open-minded people


Osaka street Japan
Some places you just have to see to believe. Osaka, Japan by Pedro Szekely

“Travel is broadening not only because of the new things we see, but also because of what they make us think about, for example, reflecting in new ways about old things – those we might have taken for granted or perhaps never questioned before.”

— Lilian G. Katz (The Hundred Languages of Children, 1998, p.27)

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Traveling can open your eyes in so many ways. It has for me, and I haven’t even seen a tenth of what I would like to see! Usually, you never lose; you will always gain something out of your journey. This list sums it up perfectly:

  • With a fresh perspective, you tend to appreciate what you have more
  • If not, you realize you need a change and get that most needed push
  • You take away lifelong experiences and memories
  • You see things for yourself, things photographs or movies never compare to
  • You develop a better understanding of other cultures and become retrospective of your own. Experiencing diversity is known to shape the way you see the world.
New caledonian dancers
The islands of New Caledonia will always be my favourite for unexpected adventures. Plus, if you live in Australia, it is only a few hours away! Local traditions captured by for New Caledonia Tourism

And that is why it pays off to get out of your comfort zone, even more so if you adventure further than the hotels and touristic areas. So don’t be afraid to go off the beaten track, and take it all in.


Think of travel as an investment


travel photographer couple
The traveling couple you definitely heard of: Jack Morris and Lauren Bullen selling the dream. Read more on and check out their social media. Photograph by Jack Morris, @doyoutravel and Lauren Bullen, @gypsea_lust

Let’s be real. Traveling abroad has a cost, but if money is what you are worried about, there is plenty of advice out there on making it less expensive. Besides, isn’t that what most of us work towards, a life of vacation? And who knows, you might be able to make it an occupation! Like Lauren Buller and Jack Morris for example (Check out this list of other awesome travel bloggers/photographers for some inspiration and motivation).

Regardless, going on the occasional trip or the best you can afford is undeniably worth it. Traveling promotes your wellbeing and really, just makes the world a happier place.


Share your travel experiences below! Where were you the most culture shocked? Where would you like to go next?


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